Our Mission Statement:
Castle works to help our client’s get the maximum enjoyment from their wealth, and to promote their financial security.  Whether our clients are just starting out on their financial journey or have already amassed a great fortune, Castle’s goal is to maximize the benefit of each financial decision and protect our client’s wealth from potential invaders. 
Castle clients share our common values of integrity, responsibility, family and country. These shared values help establish a fertile environment for sound financial decisions.  At Castle, we have luxury to choose who we will work with.
Castle has been built to design powerful strategies, that serve as the foundation of our client’s financial castle. The granite is an array of superior financial instruments and services that are strengthened by working harmoniously with our client’s other trusted advisors.
Our Business Objectives:
  • Offer sound, powerful financial strategies that build wealth, reduce risk and enhance the financial security of our clients.
  • Promote the financial security and improve the overall efficiency of our client’s assets through the integration of their capital assets with a sound Estate Plan and Insurance Protection Program.
  • Assist all clients in managing their investment capital through the development of an appropriate asset allocation strategy and the selection of top tier private money managers.
  • Direct our marketing efforts to develop new clients through relationships with select professionals and the personal endorsements from exiting clients.
  • Build an efficient organizational infrastructure to support our financial planning process, sales objectives and provide outstanding customer service to our client base.
  • Allow all of our associates to excel and advance within the firm.  Provide a superior work environment where excellence is rewarded and new challenges are welcome.
Keys to Success:
  • A proactive marketing strategy that consistently brings new clients to the firm.
  • The final result of each client engagement creates additional wealth and greater protection from financial loss without any additional out of pocket expense.
  • All the financial products and services provided to implement our suggested financial strategies are of superior quality, appropriate for the client’s objectives and monitored regularly.
  • All client engagements provided outstanding case preparation, management, administration, client service and communication.  Our associates work to exceed all client expectations.

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